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ip-world Grace

Useful Links

Country Type Grace Notes
[[google: Afghanistan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Albania {Patent Grace}]] x  6  
[[google: Algeria {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: American Samoa {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Andorra {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Angola {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Anguilla {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Antarctica {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Antigua And Barbuda {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Arab Emirates {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Argentina {Patent Grace}]] x 12   
[[google: Armenia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Aruba {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Australia {Patent Grace Period}]] x  12  

A 'general grace period' of 12 months is provided in Australia.  

The 'general grace period' attaches to Australian Standard Applications and PCT Applications.  Notably the 'general grace period' does not attach to Australian Provisional Applications.

The 'general grace period' has been amended to encompass secret use.   

There are other grace period-type provisions of varying time periods for reading before learned societies, reasonable trial and experiment, recognised exhibitions and so forth.  These provisions attach to both Australian Provisional Applications and Australian Standard Applications. 

Patent Office -

[[google: Austria {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Azerbaijan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bahamas {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bahrain {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bangladesh {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Barbados {Patent Grace}]] x 12   
[[google: Belarus {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Belgium {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Belize {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Benin {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bermuda {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bhutan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bolivia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bosnia-Herzegovina {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Botswana {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Brazil {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: British Virgin Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Brunei {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Bulgaria {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Burkina Faso {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Burundi {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Cambodia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Cameroon {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Canada {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Cape Verde {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Cayman Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Central Africa {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Chad {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Chile {Patent Grace}]] x  6  
[[google: China {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Cocos Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Colombia {Patent Grace}]] x 12   
[[google: Comoros {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Congo {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Congo Dem Rep {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Cook Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Costa Rica {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Croatia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Cuba {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Cyprus {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Czech Republic {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Denmark {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Djibouti {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Dominica {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Dominican Republic {Patent Grace}]] x 12   
[[google: East Timor {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Ecuador {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Egypt {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: El Salvador {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Equatorial Guinea {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Eritrea {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Estonia {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Ethiopia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: External Territories Of Australia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Falkland Islands And Dependencies {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Faroe Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Fiji {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Finland {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: France {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: French Guiana {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: French Polynesia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Gabon {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Gambia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Georgia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Germany {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Ghana {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Gibraltar {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Greece {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Greenland {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Grenada {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guadeloupe {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guam {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guatemala {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guernsey and Alderney {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guinea {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guinea Bissau {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Guyana {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Haiti {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Honduras {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Hong Kong {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Hungary {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Iceland {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: India {Patent Grace}]] c    
[[google: Indonesia {Patent Grace}]] c    
[[google: Iran {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Iraq {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Ireland {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Israel {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Italy {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Ivory Coast {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Jamaica {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Japan {Patent Grace}]] b  6  
[[google: Jersey {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Jordan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Kazakhstan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Kenya {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Kiribati {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Korea North {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Korea South {Patent Grace}]] x  6  
[[google: Kuwait {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Kyrgyzstan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Laos {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Latvia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Lebanon {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Lesotho {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Liberia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Libya {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Liechtenstein {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Lithuania {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Luxembourg {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Macau {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Macedonia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Madagascar {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Malawi {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Malaysia {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Maldives {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mali {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Malta {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Man(Isleof) {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Marshall Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Martinique {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mauritania {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mauritius {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mayotte {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mexico {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Micronesia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Moldova {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Monaco {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mongolia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Montserrat {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Morocco {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Mozambique {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Myanmar {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Namibia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Nauru {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Nepal {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Netherlands {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Netherlands Antilles {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: New Caledonia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: New Zealand {Patent Grace}]] c    
[[google: Nicaragua {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Niger {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Nigeria {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Niue {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Norfolk {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Northern Mariana Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Norway {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Oman {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Pakistan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Palau {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Palestine {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Panama {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Papua New Guinea {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Paraguay {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Peru {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Philippines {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Poland {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Portugal {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Puerto Rico {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Qatar {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Region AGIP {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Region ARIPO {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Region Benelux {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Region Eurasian {Patent Grace}]] x  6  
[[google: Region Europe {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Region OAPI {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Region PCT {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Reunion {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Romania {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Russia {Patent Grace}]] x  6  
[[google: Rwanda {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Sahara {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saint Helena {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saint Kitts and Nevis {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saint Lucia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saint Pierre And Miquelon {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saint Tome {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saint Vincent And The Grenadines {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Samoa {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: San Marino {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Saudi Arabia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Senegal {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Serbia and Montenegro {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Seychelles {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Sierra Leone {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Singapore {Patent Grace}]] y    
[[google: Slovakia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Slovenia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Smaller Territories Of Chile {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Smaller Territories Of Norway {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Smaller Territories Of The UK {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Smaller Territories Of The US {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Solomon Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Somalia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: South Africa {Patent Grace}]] c    
[[google: Spain {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Sri Lanka {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Sudan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Suriname {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Svalbard and Jan Mayen {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Swaziland {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Sweden {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Switzerland {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: Syria {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Taiwan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Tajikistan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Tanzania {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Terres Australes {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Thailand {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Togo {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Tokelau {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Tonga {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Trinidad and Tobago {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Tunisia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Turkey {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: Turkmenistan {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Turks and Caicos Islands {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Tuvalu {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Uganda {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Ukraine {Patent Grace}]] x  12  
[[google: United Arab Emirates {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: United Kingdom {Patent Grace}]] b    
[[google: United States of America {Patent Grace}]]    12  
[[google: Uruguay {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Uzbekistan {Patent Grace}]] x  6  
[[google: Vanuatu {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Vatican {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Venezuela {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Vietnam {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Virgin Islands Of The United States {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Wallis And Futuna {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Yemen {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Yugoslavia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Zambia {Patent Grace}]]      
[[google: Zimbabwe {Patent Grace}]]      


Useful Links

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